October 22nd, 2005


Partly-done 12 characters meme

Gakked from arandil13. I dutifully jotted down all twelve names before reading the questions and then discovering that I wasn't supposed to be doing this meme. I might as well tell everyone what I wrote down, though. Erm... questions are over at Arandil's LJ.

1 Aredhel
2 Maedhros
3 Maglor
4 Maeglin
5 Eol
6 Feanor
7 Galadriel
8 Fingon
9 Finrod
10 Caranthir
11 Celegorm
12 Curufin

And I'll comment no further, except to say that some of the pairings I got were crazy! Maeglin and his mum? Biologically impossible. Curufin and his half-cousin? Maedhros and his father? *dies of shock and laughter*


More fics...

A fic I dug out a while ago. I wrote this last year for my own thirteenth birthday. Why I felt it necessary to give myself a birthday fic I can't for the life of me remember. Or maybe it's just an excuse to write non-abusive Denethor. :)

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